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In our event calendar, you can find both events and activities for every day of the holiday. In addition to events and star performers, we also present safaris and other adventures that can be booked in advance.

Upcoming biggest events:


The Original Free´kend 30.3.–2.4.2023


Pyhän tunturipääsiäinen 6.-10.4.

Pyhä Aisti

Pyhä Aisti 29.–30.4.2023

Pyhä Ski Resort

May 1st and Pyhä Aisti 29.–30.4.2023

Pyhätunturi Oy

Pyhä Unplugged 3.–6.8.2023


Taidefestivaali PyhäSana 15.–16.9.2023

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