Freeriding in Pyhä

Freeriding at Pyhä

Pyhä offers the best freeriding opportunities in Finland for beginners and more experienced powder snow enthusiasts.

Freeriding days don’t always have to be burdened by tiring trudging and long hiking, because Pyhä has easily accessible freeriding right next to the lifts and the slopes. In addition to various lifts, Pyhä–Luosto National Park offers stunning landscapes for backcountry skiing and unforgettable abseiling lines.

Welcome to Pyhä to discover the magic of freeriding and the charm of powder snow.

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Pyhän lumiturvallisuuskeskus
Avalanche forecast
Always check the avalancehe forecast before heading into the backcountry.
Have a look at Pyhä's freeriding routes on the map. Please note that the riding outside the slopes is always at your own risk.
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Rental Shop
You can rent freeriding and snow safety equipment from Pyhä's rental shop.
Ski school
Freeriding courses for beginners and more experienced tours available at the Pyhä Ski School.

Find the best powder snow areas

Get to know Pyhä's freeriding opportunities in advance, so you will learn where the snow is best!

Snow safety and avalanche forecast

Before you head for the backcountry, make sure you know the prevailing conditions. Pyhän lumiturvallisuuskeskus (Pyhä's snow safety center) prepares an avalanche forecast for the area of Pyhä-Luosto. The forecast shows the likelihood of avalanches on a five-step scale.

The Snow Safety Center also organizes snow safety courses following the FINLAV-system in Pyhä during the winter. These courses are suitable for all freeriders and those who need snow safety knowledge in their work.

Before you move to areas outside the slopes, remember to familiarize yourself with the avalanche forecast and the weather forecast, and take into account the use of appropriate safety equipment and its functionality.

Five day forecast in Pyhä:

Pyhä’s off-piste runs and the national park’s backcountry areas

Have a look at the detailed maps and slope descriptions at

The classic nearby off-piste run of Pyhä is Jackson. This vast forest area is located between the borderline of the Old chairlift and Isokuru.

The area above the hotel can be found between the slopes Huttu-Ukko and Piste Palander and it is very easy to access. The fresh snow offers plenty of great opportunities for riders. However, riders must be careful when approaching the area beyond the tree line, since the terrain may be stony.

Saunakuru is situated next to the Blue slope. Saunakuru is a perfect place for practicing drops of various sizes, but the run ends to the rock and ice walls of Tajukangas. Therefore, riders must get up from the gorge to the right (from the rider’s viewpoint) early enough.

The backside of Saunakuru offers many kinds of runs. Nearby Tajukangas, the runs are rather rocky, but they have fewer drops closer to the North slopes. You can access the backside of Saunakuru by climbing the wall opposite the first bottom of Saunakuru.

Aittakuru is the most challenging nearby off-piste run at Pyhä. Aittakuru offers a wide range of runs, but riders must watch out for rocks and the snowcaps on top of the gorge. The gorge is steep and is no place for beginners. The easiest way to reach Aittakuru is to ride down the North slope number 6, turn to the maintenance road and cross the road into the forest.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park has many routes. The basic route runs via Karhunjuomalampi’s day hut to Ukonhattu (Kakkonen). If you are looking for a longer route, you can turn right at Pikkukuru, located between Kakkonen and Kolmonen (Noitatunturi). Ask for detailed tips and guided backcountry trips from Pyhätunturi Ski School.

Get to know pyhä's freeriding routes from the videos below

Guide for Pyhä off-piste areas

  1. Riding outside the maintained slopes is always at your own risk. Please make sure you have required skills, knowledge and equipment.
  2. Do not ride alone. Familiarize yourself with the off-piste area in advance on Pyhä's freeriding page.
  3. Before going to off-piste area, tell someone where you are going and when you are going to return. Also let them know when you have safely returned.
  4. Pay special attention to the terrain, trees, stones, tree stumps, lift poles and other structures while riding in off-piste area.
  5. Do not ski in off-piste area when it’s dark. There is no lighting outside the maintained slopes.
  6. Take the avalanche forecast into consideration and observe if you are moving in avalanche terrain. Local avalanche forecast and information about the avalanche education courses:
  7. Make sure you have a mobile phone and snow safety gear (transceiver, shovel and probe) with you. Also, make sure they work properly and you know how to use them. Always wear a helmet.
  8. Do not hesitate to turn around if you feel unsure . Ask for more information from the ski patrol or ski school where you’ll also find guided backcountry trips
  9. Consider also other people traveling in off-piste area.
  10. In the event of injury or accident, contact emergency telephone number 112. We recommend that you download the app 112 Suomi before heading to the backcountry.

Do not go beyond the boundaries. For example, the areas of Isokuru and Peurakero have restrictions. For information on restricted areas, contact Visitor Centre Naava: 0206 639 7302 or

Also respect the nature; do not break branches or move rocks around. Do not litter. Bring back everything you take into the fell.

We encourage you to contact Pyhä Ski School if you are interested in the backcountry but are unfamiliar with the area.

Guide for ski touring within the ski resort area

Pyhä's goal is to be a safe and versatile ski center also for freeskiing and ski touring. The instructions are made to guide safe ascent on the slopes and to ensure customer and work safety.

It is specifically important to understand that outside of opening hours the slopes of the ski center are construction sites. The staff work, and both slope machines and snow sleds move. In Pyhä, the slope machines use winch cables on almost all slopes. These cables are not visible in the dark and they are life-threatening if you bump into them. It is also good to understand that slope machine drivers cannot observe the movement of potential backountry skiers on the slopes when doing slope maintenance work.

Remember that backcountry skiing on the slopes is always at your own risk!

Ski touring instructions during opening hours of the slope

When the slopes are open, ascending with skis is allowed in the lower part of the slope 5 on the right side of the skier going uphill until the crossing with Tajukangas, from where the backcountry skiing route to the top continues along the maintenance road and slope number seven. On the northern side, the route starts from the corner of the parking lot to the right side of slope 7 along the service road, and later runs between slopes 8 and 9. The route connects to the route from the front slopes right at the top of slope 7 (marked  with a yellow dashed line -->-->--> on the digital slope map).

After the slopes close until 9 p.m

Between the closing of the slopes and 9 p.m., ski touring is allowed daily on slope 5.  Ski touring is allowed  on the right side of the skier going up.

After 9 p.m. until the slopes open

After 21:00, ski touring and skiing are only allowed on slope 2 (Huttu-Ukko) which is a natural snow slope (no mechanical maintenance) and outside the maintained slope areas.

Also follow the backcountry skiing instructions of the Finnish Ski Center Association

Make sure that backcountry skiing is allowed in the area of ​​the ski resort.
Only use the routes indicated by the center to get up.

Follow the center's rules, warnings and regulations.

Do not disturb those going down the slope.

In backcountry skiing, you always move at your own risk and are you have to wath for others.

Make always yourself visible.
Always use a light at dusk and in the dark.

Pets are not allowed on the slopes.

You may not move on the slope outside the opening hours.

Variety of ski school slope adventures and freeriding

Adventure knows no age! With Pyhä Ski School you will find options for freeriding and the skills needed in the slopes for both kids and adults.

Pyhä family rinteet
Find company for freeriding

No need to ride alone in Pyhä

Riding at Pyhä is always better with a friend, both on the slopes and in the backcountry. All Pyhä visitors can join our Facebook group. You can seek for riding or trekking company via the group.

Go to Laskuseuraa Pyhällä Facebook group here

Pyhä rinteet

Pyhä's freeriding events

Pyhä hosts various events related to freeriding throughout the winter, from beginner-friendly slope programs to the most versatile freeriding weekends in Finland. In lessons and courses led by Pyhä Ski School, you get to know freeriding, and in Free'kend events, you ski in the backcountry, learn about snow safety and enjoy the atmosphere of the fell. Free'kends are also suitable for freeriding beginners.