Business & conferences

Arranging a successful meeting or an event is easy at Pyhä

The compact heart of the village keeps the group together. National Park, meeting rooms, restaurants and are all a few steps apart from each otherArriving to Pyhä is easy either by plane, train or by car. The variety of accommodation options are all within a walking distance.


Pyhä HolySuites Conference Centre

At Pyhä HolySuites Conference Centre there are two separate meeting rooms conveniently located next to the ski slopes. The rooms can be joined together to make room for 120 guests. Without tables the same space can function as a lecture hall for up to 185 guests. The Conference Centre is equipped with overhead projector, projection screen, flap-board, ADSL connection as well as WLAN. In addition to the Conference Centre wireless PyhäWLAN internet is in use in the hotel lobby and SkiBistro.


Class formation 80 persons
Tables in U formation 36 persons
Tables in theater formation 108 persons


Class formation 30 persons
Tables in U formation 20 persons
Tables in diplomat formation 16 persons

Meeting Rooms 1+2 joined, 176 m²
Class formation 120 persons


kokoskeskus_hotelli pyhatunturi

Kokouskeskus_isokuru_hotelli pyhatunturi

Visitors Centre Naava

Naavatorium is a high-class auditorium in the visitor centre Naava, nest to Pyhä Shopping Centre. We'll provide a high-quality audio visual equipments which are easy-to-use and control with a iPad.

Naavatorium offers 160- seats, we have a free Wi-Fi connection, a Blu-ray-player, two Full-HD projectors (NEC and Christies) 7.1 -channel audio system and a mixing table. There's possible to keep meetings, exhibitions and concerts in our classy Naavatorium. It is possible combine the Kuukkeli room to Naavatorium as a stage.

Luppo is a small meeting room in the visitor centre Naava, Pyhä. Out rent prices includes all equipment (E.g, a projector, Wi-Fi) which you need when you are planning to keep a meeting.
Our cheap rent prices always includes all equipments and we are happy to help and guide for using them. It's possible to make a reservation by a phone.