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Cottages in Pyhä

Here you can choose the best cottage for you. Cosy and unique cottages for families, friends and bigger groups or just for you. Enjoy the surroundings of Pyhä-Luosto National Park and close vicinity of the services. Peace and quiet you will find around lake Pyhäjärvi.

Cottages in Pyhä - Pyhähippu

Pyhähippu is cabin booking agency located in Pyhä and our family business was started in 1988. We rent around 100 cabins, semi-detached houses and terraced apartments. Since most of the cottages are privately owned, they differ in appearance. All the cottages are well-equipped with fireplace and sauna.  Bike rental is big part of our business and we rent fatbikes, e-fatbikes, mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes. We have bikes also for children.

Lomarengas Pyhä

Lomarengas offers cottages and holiday homes in the Pyhä area right next to the slope centre and services. Lomarengas has more than a hundred different rental cottages in Pyhä, explore the options and choose the most suitable log cabin or villa for you.


Services for cottage holiday:

Electric car charging station

In front of Hotel Pyhätunturi, you can charge electric cars. The charging station has two connections, one Type 2 connector and one Tesla Destination Charger connector. There is a charge of 20 c/ kwh for the use of power charging points, Tesla charging is free.

Recycling in Pyhä

Both resorts Pyhä and Luosto has 6 public recycling stations. You can recycle following materials:

  • Glass packaging
  • Metals
  • Mixed waste
  • Paper
  • Cartoon packaging

Link to a map:

Biowaste or plastic waste cannot currently be sorted separately at Pyhä-Luosto because there are no regional services that collect these categories of waste. Biowaste and plastic waste are disposed of as energy waste, which will be burned to produce energy. This is a significantly better alternative than taking biowaste to a landfill, which causes a significant amount of methane emissions. We are actively lobbying for biowaste and plastic waste sorting to be introduced in the Pyhä-Luosto fell region.


Recycling stations place/adress:

Shopping Centre/ K-Market Pyhäntähti area

Laakakero, 98530 Pelkosenniemi

Sienimaa area

Pyhätunturintie 1279, 98530 Kemijärvi

Soutaja fell

Pyhäntie 1961, 98530 Pelkosenniemi

Myllyharjun Parking place

Pyhäntie 1627, 98530 Pelkosenniemi

Lake Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäntie 1245, 98530 Pelkosenniemi


Cottage owner's guide to a low-carbon holiday home

Research has shown that tourists increasingly value the sustainability of a travel and accommodation destination. Eco-friendly accommodation plays a role in choosing accommodation. Check out the cottage owner's low-carbon guide and pick up tips on how to make your cottage home more environmentally friendly and sustainable. At the same time, you increase the attractiveness of your destination and the entire tourist area and promote the awareness of the entire region as a sustainable tourist destination.

Cottage owner's guide (In Finnish)