Arctic Animals and Farm Visits

Horse riding and sleigh rides

Horseback riding and sleigh rides are offered by Lucky Ranch in the village of Pyhäjärvi and Outinen horse centre /Off-Piste adventures, about 10 km away from Kemijärvi towards Pyhä.

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Horseback riding

16.3.2023 - 30.4.2025
Lucky_Ranch mid night sun ride

Horse Riding tours

1.5.2023 - 6.10.2024

Horseback riding to the peak of Pyhä under the midnight sun

3.6.2024 - 6.10.2024

Thrills of speed aboard sled dogs and charming huskies 

The Pyhä-Luosto area is served by two dog farms that offer dog sledding rides of different lengths in winter and farm visits in summer. Lapland Husky Safaris is located only a 10-minute drive from Pyhä or Luosto, halfway between Pyhä and Luosto. Pyhä Husky Farm is located right next to Pyhä Ski Resort, about 7 km from Pyhätunturi and 25 km from Luosto.

Pyhä huskyfarm

Siberian huskyfarm visit and dog programs

1.1.2023 - 30.4.2026
Experience Pyhä presents Huskies' summer and autumn adventure

Huskies' summer and autumn adventure (1h) Wed & Fri

1.6.2024 - 30.9.2024

Reindeers and reindeer experiences

Reindeer and the activities of a reindeer farm tell a fascinating story about the lives of people in the north now and in the past. A visit to a reindeer farm is also an immersive experience, as every visitor gets to participate in reindeer rides and activities related to reindeer husbandry. 

Pyhä-Luosto has two reindeer farms, of which Reindeer Park Kopara is located halfway between Pyhä and Luosto, and Jaakkola Reindeer Farm about 10 km from Luosto towards Sodankylä towards Alakitisentie. It is possible to visit reindeer farms independently within the opening hours of the farms or participate in snowmobile safaris offered by the area's programme service entrepreneurs as part of the reindeer farm visit. Reindeer farm entrepreneurs also carry out reindeer safaris according to the customer's wishes.

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Kairankutsu - Call of the Wilderness

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Northern Light Village Pyhä


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