Pyhän Hiuspiste

Pyhän Hiuspiste, a hairdressing salon for the whole family located in Pyhä Portti, is open from Tuesday to Saturday all year round. Closed on public holidays.

Exceptionally closed from Tuesday 27th of June until Friday 29th of June.

Reservations Tue-Sat 10am-4pm by phone +358 16-882 900.

In addition to hairdressing services, Pyhä Hiuspiste's range of services includes:

  • Eyelash and eyebrow dyeing
  • Wedding hairstyles
  • Goldwell colors are used (e.g. Elumen, which is also suitable for people with oxidizing dye allergies).

For sale e.g.:

  • Goldwell, SIM and KC hair care products
  • Curlers, straighteners and travel blowtorches
  • Hair tape extensions

Contact information:
Pyhän Hiuspiste
Tel: +358 16-882 900