Pyhä with pets

Various activities and services for furry family members as well.

Pet-friendly accommodation

A holiday in Pyhä with a pet is easy. Almost all Pyhä Ski-Inn accommodations also have pet apartments. The Ski-Inn destinations where pets are welcome at no additional charge are listed below. 

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Pet-friendly restaurants

Winter vacation with your pet is easier when you can go and see your pet during a break in your accommodation right next to the slopes, or take your dog along and head to a pet-friendly restaurant. In the Pyhä ski resort, you can bring your pet along at least in the following restaurants:

SportBar Pyhä, Pyhä business center

Calle house, on the hotel platform on the Polar slope

Camp Kitchen & Bar, Hotel Pyhätunturi

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Skiing and hiking with your dog

In the Pyhä region, skiing with a dog is allowed on the Korteselkä trail and the ski track around lake Pyhäjärvi. You can walk with your dog on the walking trails in both the ski center and the Pyhä-Luosto National Park area. The dogs must always be on a leash.

Pyhä-Luoston Matkailuyhdistys
Scenic lift & Feel the Peak adventure

You can take your dog to the top on the PyhäExpress lift at your responsibility. The dog must be on a leash in the lift and under the owner's control.

You can walk to the top with your dog along the Feel the Peak route. The route starts from the hotel platform. It goes via the Tajukangas and the Huttu Adventure trail in the North slopes along the maintenance road. You can walk with a dog on the maintenance road, but please note that the dog must be on a leash. Walking with dogs on the slopes is prohibited.

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If the pet has an accident or the pet gets sick, help can be found in Kemijärvi. Veterinary services include animal health and medical care as well as preventive care. Reception facilities for small animal patients are located at Kallaantie 28, 98440 Kallaanvaara. For emergencies, a veterinary emergency has been organized jointly with Salla, Pelkosenniemi, and Savukoski as follows:

Emergency number 0600 19 699 (€1.19/min+dvm/mpm) on weekdays at 15:00-08:00

On weekends from Friday at 15:00 to Monday at 08:00
on weekdays from 15:00 on the previous weekday to the following weekday morning at 08:00

Information on medical treatment for animals can be found at kemijarvi.fi

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A dog lost? Check out the searc instructions

Luontoon.fi – Pyhä-Luosto instruections and rules

Luontoon.fi – A checklist for walking in nature with your dog

Walking with your dog in the reindeer area


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