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15 slopes, 9 lifts, and almost six months of winter magic at Pyhä ski resort.

Hi, Pyhä's friend, please see the up-to-date opening hours for the slopes and lifts, as well as possible exceptional opening hours directly on the map or below it. The lifts may be closed during strong winds and thunderstorms.

Special opening hours:

Training and track booking at the slopes:

Pyhä functions as a training resort for alpine skiing and especially during the more quiet weeks there are booked training sessions on the slopes. Slopes and times that are booked for training can be seen on the track booking calendar. Keep in mind, that a booked slope may be completely closed from public during the time of the booking.

Track booking calendar

Get to know Pyhä's slope area

Kultakero & Huttu-Ukko

Huttu-Ukko is one of Pyhä's toughest tests!

After Pyhä's legendary double chair lift – which is already out of use nowadays – opened, Huttu-Ukko Hujaus was built next to it, and after that, the Kultakero slope was completed. These slopes, which are among the steepest in Pyhä, were very challenging for the skiers of that time.

Over the years, World Cup mogul skiing competitions have also been held in Huttu. Speeds of over 140 km/h have been reached on the slopes in downhill competitions, of course under carefully controlled conditions. Today, Huttu-Ukko functions as an easily accessible natural snow slope, especially popular among freeride skiers.

You can reach Huttu-Ukko and Kultakero slopes with the PyhäExpress chairlift. The slopes end at the renovated Family Adventure Area.

Rinne 1, Kultakero
Slope 1, Kultakero.
Rinne 2, Huttu-Ukko
Slope 2, Huttu-Ukko.

Polar & Piste Palander slopes

Piste Palander - considered by many to be the best slope in Finland

Piste Palander's profile keeps the interest alive with its variability, and the steep sections inspire speed enthusiasts.

Before the completion of the new Piste Palander slope, the Polar slope was considered one of the most challenging slopes in Finland. Polar slope still offers high speeds from top to bottom if your legs are strong enough. Polar slope serves as a training slope for many training groups, but also for skiing enthusiasts Polar slope is a great place to train fast downhills or enjoy turning carvers.

With the PyhäExpress chair lift, you can reach not only the Polar and Palander slopes but also all other slopes of Pyhä. Did you know that with PyhäExpress you can also travel to the top of the fell in summer?

Near the Polar substation, there is also Huttumaa for the youngest family members. In the lower part of the Polar slope, you can use the Polar lift and, if you wish, move to Family slopes or Hotel Pyhätunturi.

Please note that Piste Palander slope also has track shifts for training groups throughout the winter.

Rinne 3, Piste Palander.
Slope 3, Piste Palander.

Blue slope

Blue slope  – the calmer option

The Blue slope offers a calmer alternative to the Polar slope for enjoying Pyhä's 280-meter height difference. For beginners, the Blue slope is a great slope for training.

You can get to the Blue slope with the PyhäExpress chair lift or, if you wish, with the three-person chair lift, from where the Huippu lift takes you all the way up. The chair lift is comfortably sheltered by the trees, so in windy weather, you can enjoy the lower part of the slope.

After halfway up the Blue slope, there is an entrance to the Polar Madness park.

Sininen rinne
Slope 5, Blue slope.

North slopes

The North Slopes are popular among fell enthusiasts

Pyhä's North slopes have been completely renewed in recent years. The most significant innovation is the long-awaited NorthExpress chairlift, completed in spring 2022. For the winter of 2022–2023, there will be even more choices when the Forest Adventure slope (slope 9) at the top opens.

In the spring the North slopes are at their best because the sun has not yet softened the snow. The spring sun caresses the skiers on the terraces of restaurants at the North slope substation. The trees reaching almost the top protect the North slopes from the wind even in the toughest time of winter.

Younger skiers head to Huttu Adventure in the middle of Family slopes Blue slope, where you can see Huttu-Ukko and his family adventuring on the border of Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

At the end of the season 2014-2015 the steep end of the North slope 6 was named Väijy slope, after the legendary Pyhä slope manager Jarmo "Väijy" Timlin. As off winter 2022–2023, the slope will be known as North Slope Blue-Red.

Slope 7, Norh slope Blue.

Family Adventure area

The renovated Family Adventure Area is one of Pyhä's most popular slopes

In the summer of 2018, the top project of the development of Pyhä was the Family slope area, which grew in size with new slopes, logging areas, and a lift, and can be called Family Adventure Area for a reason.

For the winter season 2018-2019, a new beginner ski lift named Huttu opened at the bottom of the legendary Huttu-Ukko slope. The popular MiniPark operates near the new lift, where you can find a variety of smaller jumps with various rails and presses. The new lift increased the area's lift capacity considerably. It also serves Pyhä's international guests, who are more and more often heading to downhill skiing as well.

A new scenic hut also opened in the family adventure area for the season 2019-2020. The hut has views to the Kultakero and Huttu-ukko slopes. The very popular pole sled and a new sledding hill were moved right next to the hut.

It's easy to take the first steps in the world of freeriding in the family adventure area. The Pyhä Ski School's freeriding courses for beginners are available in the Family Adventure area, according to the skiers' skill level. After the first downhills in the family adventure area, you can continue the freeriding courses at Pyhä's other areas reserved for freeriding. Read more about freeriding at Pyhä >

Family Adventure Area.

Pyhä Parks: Polar Madness & MiniPark

In Pyhä you will find two snow park areas

Between the Polar slope and the Blue slope is Polar Madness. The favourite area of ​​snowboarders and freeriders hides traditional park jumps and transition elements familiar from snowboarding and skicross sports. The Polar Madness is about 600 meters long and you can get quickly up the park with either the PyhäExpress chairlift or the 3-person chairlift. The Polar Madness slope is fully illuminated.

Located in the family adventure area on slope 12, MiniPark is a good place to practice park skiing. The park has rails of all levels, from short children's boxes to large rails and also smaller jumps and a wave track. For the winter of 2021–2022, a new slope known as Pikku-Ukko (slope 11) was opened on the MiniPark side of the national park, where you can find a new alight jump line. Between the slopes runs the new Huttu lift, which enables to take quick laps in the park.

Perheseikkailu & MiniPark
Slope 12, Mini Park.
Rinne 15, Polar Madness
Slope 15, Polar Madness.

Huttumaa for beginners and children

Huttumaa is a special slope for children and beginners

In Huttumaa, located near the Polar slope's lower station, beginners can start skiing safely and easily.

Children's entertainment is guaranteed by several playground equipments located on the slope.

In Huttumaa, it is easy for children and beginners to start skiing. Remember: always wear a helmet on the slopes. Children under the age of 6 can ski at Pyhä for free.

Slope 16, Huttumaa for Kids.