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Everyone needs a bit of fell sometimes – check out Pyhä Ski Resort's holiday recommendations for all eight seasons.

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Summer at Pyhä

Pyhä's summer is full of magic. A summer holiday in the fells is the choice of active outdoor enthusiasts.

Autumn colors and autumn holidays

Fall season arrives in Lapland in September, and the most beautiful fall season is in the middle of September or, depending on the weather, at the end of September. The fall season is a clear sign of the change of season - summer is behind us, the weather is getting colder and the amount of light is decreasing. These factors together make the color brilliance of autumn. The colder the weather and the drier the air, the more brilliant the fall.

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Season opening & beginning of winter

The skiing season in Pyhä traditionally opens around the middle of November. Beginning of winter is known for its atmospheric first turns as well as its spectacular sunsets.

The Finnish Independence Day weekend at Pyhä

The traditional long weekend of Finnish Independence Day gathers freeskiers together. This is the opening of the freeskiing season with good, shared feelings with friends. Depending on the weather conditions, either on or off the slopes.

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Christmas at Pyhä

Christmas at Pyhä traditionally includes the declaration of Christmas peace, Christmas menus and Christmas dinners in restaurants, the Christmas concerts of the Northern Lights Chapel, and, of course, Santa Claus and the reindeer, without forgetting the specific and authentic feeling on the fells.

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New Year at Pyhä

On New Year's night, the sky is a belt of stars. I remember the past, and I think about my friends. Moments of happiness, dream trips, days of skiing. May the fell be with you.

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Polar Night at Pyhä

It's not weird to love the Polar Night. The polar night at Pyhä is all about shimmering snow, pink sunsets, the silence of the fell, and gatherings with friends. More adventure, less traffic, and no feeling of urgency.

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Finnish skiing holidays

A skiing holiday is the most awaited holiday of the year in Finland - choose free skiing, competitions, or other fun activities as a topic of your skiing holiday and discover the joy of many activities at the fells. There are exciting things to do and new things to learn in Pyhä's adventure slopes for every day of your ski vacation.

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Freeriding season at Pyhä

Pyhä is the best place in Finland to start freeskiing, and the fell offers great descent lines even for more experienced skiers. Various lifts and off-piste slopes, as well as the backcountry areas of the national park take care of that. In Pyhä, the freeriding season can last from November to April at its best.

Spring at Pyhä

The sunny days of Easter, the relaxed spring feeling, and the shimmering snow of April - spring is the best time for skiing enthusiasts.

Vappu at Pyhä & Pyhä Aisti

Vappu is full of friends, sunny days, and nice get-togethers. During the days, you race playfully on the slopes and feel the last curves of the season. In the evenings, you enjoy live music when the Pyhä Aisti festival makes you dance under the sky near the Tajukangas hut.

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