Things to do in Winter

Rugged, but beautiful winter in Pyhä-Luosto

The polar night brings magic to the pyhä-luosto fell landscape and dyes it in beautiful shades of pastel.

The period between November and April is the best time for spotting the Northern Lights. For this purpose, Pyhä and Luosto has own Northern Lights alarm systems called Aurora Alert! Realtime, which you can activate directly on your mobile device.

The terrain is covered with thick snow and offers the opportunity for numerous winter activities and guided tours. Dress comfortably and enjoy the opportunities brought by the snow together with family and friends. We have listed here winter bucket list activities for everyone.




Snowshoeing trails

On snowshoes you get to exercise and admire magnificent scenery - all at the same time!

Snowshoes fit most outdoor boots and shoes. You can also use snowshoes with snowboarding boots. There are different kinds of snowshoes according to the size (weight) of the person. You might also need a pair of downhill skiing poles, especially if there is a lot of snow and you are walking on steep hills or other uneven terrain.

Please note that cross-country skiing trails are only for skiing, walking or biking is not allowed.

Snowshoe trails map Pyhä and Luosto:

  • The trails are marked with blue signposts
  • No maintenance
  • The trail is suitable for snowshoeing
  • Pets are welcome when kept on a leash

Our safari organizers have a variety of great trips for you. Welcome!

Snowshoeing experiences and rental

Showshoeing trips and rental

Winter outdoor and camping equipments available for rent Bliss Adventure & Rental and PyhäSafaris

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Winter sleeping bag, liners and sleeping pads
  • Ahkios and sledges 
  • Thermos
  • Tent
  • Tripod
  • Gas kettle and trangia set




Fatbikes are the new fascinating way to enjoy the arctic nature. These easy-to-ride mountain bikes will take you through new-fallen snow with ease. Wide tyres offer a great grip and make the bike very agile – and will but a big grin on your face.

In total there is 52 kilometers of winter biking routes in Pyhä-Luosto: 40 kilometers in Pyhä and 12 kilometers in Luosto.

You can join a guided tour in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, or, would you prefer, to rent a bike for independently cruising around in the Pyhä region. Pyhä offers excellent environment for fatbiking. The most exquisite route options are located in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

Maintenance for Winter biking routes in Pyhä-Luosto

Check when the winter biking trail were maintained last time:

The color code tells you how far it is from the last maintenance.

  • Green = less than 48 hours
  • Orange = under 5 days ago
  • Yellow = less 14 days ago
  • Grey = over 14 days ago

Guidelines for winter biking in Pyhä and Luosto

  • The trails are marked with blue singposts, or with blue winter biker symbols.
  • Groomed once a week with a snowmobile. Except Pyhä wilderness trail that is mostly maintained together with the ski trails.
  • The trail is suitable for winter biking, walking and snowshoeing.
  • Pets are welcome when kept on a leash.
  • The winter biker is abliged to yield walkers & skiers.


  • Open fron week 8. Please note that the trail is common with skiers. The trail goes in the middle of a cross-country ski track, and is allowed only for skiers and winter biking.
  • 31-33 km, circle trail
  • duration 4-6 h
  • Intermediate / difficult (length, winter weather conditions)
  • Length depending on route choices approx. 31-33 km.
  • Recommended direction: clockwise
  • The trail is marked with blue signposts (in the beginning) and the resto of the trail with blue winter biker symbols.

From Visitor Centre Naava, the trail runs first along the light traffic route for 600 meters towards Kemijärvi. At the Kerontie crossroad, drive over Kerontie and continue on the right side of the cross-country ski track, following blue signposts. The winter biking trail diverges from the next junction to the right, just after the national park boundary, passing through old woods deeper into the national park.

Depending on the route choices, the first rest area is either Isokuru kota-hut or Tiaislaavu lean-to-shelter on the edge of the mire. From Tiaslaavu you can continue past the Tunturiaapa bird watching tower through the aapa mire, or choose a shorter and more forested route towards Porolaavu lean-to-shelter. Until now, the route has passed as a so-called multi-use trail, where on the same route you are allowed to snowshoe, walk and cycle.

After Porolaavu lean-to-shelter, the winter biking trail goes in the middle of a cross-country ski track, and is allowed only for skiers and winter biking for the next 17 km. Bikers should therefore mind the skiers that use the same route.

The next rest areas after Porolaavu are the Haarainselkä and Salmiaapa day trip huts, to which the route follows along the border of the national park, mostly in fairly flat terrain. Between Tiaslaavu and Salmiaapa there are forests of different ages and here and there, in the mire sections, you can see beautiful landscapes towards the fell range. After Salmiaapa, the route dives into the forest, slowly climbing towards Huttujärvi lake.

After Huttujärvi lake, there will be a crossroad, from where you can get to Huttujärvi rental hut as a one-way trail. Note that the trail continuing from the rental hut towards Luosto is only for skiers. From the intersection of the Huttujärvi rental hut, the trail continues to ascend and after about 500 m a path diverges to the right towards the Huttuloma open wilderness hut. The path to this hut is not maintained, so it is only formed by visitors. From Huttuloma, the trail continues downhill towards Kiimaselkä, but diverges left from the cross-country ski track just after Huttujärventie parking area (not plowed in winter). The Pyhä wilderness route follows 2 km along the Huttujärventie road, which is not plowed in winter, but it is maintained for winter biking (maintenance less often than the cross-country ski track, which means that in heavy snowfall this section of the trail can become difficult to ride).

Huttujärventie road ends to Pyhä-Luosto road (road number 962), and the Pyhä Wilderness Trail continues to the right, following the road for about 5 km towards Pyhä. At the intersection of Lake Pyhäjärvi, the route switches to the light traffic route, continuing along for about 4 km back to Visitor Centre Naava.

More specific information about the route, like sights, resting places etc. from




Whack Your Axes Into The Ice And Climb Up!

The Tajukangas ice fall, just a reindeer's leap away from the slopes of Pyhä, provides an outstanding chance to get familiar with the other white winter element: ice.

The experienced instructors of Bliss Adventure will introduce you safely to the world of ice climbing in Lapland. We will provide you all necessary ice climbing gear such as helmet with visor/goggles, harness, crampons, ice axes and foot-wear (climbing boots or ski boots).

Choose the ice climbing activity that suits you the best:

Or, if you are in for a bigger adventure, the mighty ice falls of the Korouoma Canyon in Posio are within a day trip’s reach from Pyhä:


Bliss Adventure – Experience Beyond the Ordinary™
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Ice karting

Ice-karting includes driving instructions, warm-up runs and of course, the finals! Karts are equipped both for winter and summer use and the driver will be dressed accordingly (suit and helmet).

The winter track is frozen and fenced for safety.

Drivers must be over 150cm tall.

You don't need any previous experience - come and give it a go!

Bookings: PyhäSafaris



Ice Fishing

Ice fishing trips in Pyhä-Luosto 

The excursions are directed to nearby fishing destinations in Pyhäjärvi lake, Kemijoki river and smaller lakes and rivers in the nearby area. You will learn the basics of winter fishing and tips for fishing.

Arctic Fishing With Local Fisherman

Experience traditional winter fishing methods with a local fisherman.

Experience traditional Nordic ways of fishing under the ice with a professional guide. For locals, lake Pyhäjärvi has been a food source for ages. We will take you to the beautiful historical lake and the river ice and you will learn about traditional and modern winter fishing methods, and you can participate in checking fishing nets and traps. 

Bookings Outdoor Artisans 

Arctic Water Experience

Learn how to rescue yourself and others after falling in ice.

Are you familiar with moving on ice? What should you do if you fall trough ice?

Are you able to save your friend who’s fallen trough ice?

In ‘Safely on ice’ training you will learn how to stay safe on ice, identify risks and gain understanding of various ice conditions. You will also learn how to react if the ice suddenly breaks and you find yourself in the cold water. We also train various techniques on how to save yourself or help your friend out of the water.

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Snow surf trips

Pyhä a snow surfer's paradice

A full day snow surfing trip to some of the best spots in Pyhä-Luosto area.

Snow surf trip is a guided adventure in or near Pyhä-Luosto national park. Our experienced guide will take you to some of the best snow surf (i.e. snurf) spots in the area so that you can enjoy powder surfing at its best.  We use Ilahu boards, which are designed and manufactured in Finnish Lapland with a love for the production of natural materials. This adventure is also suitable for beginners.

Excursions are offered by Pyhä Lucky Ranch and Outdoor Artisans




At Pyhä-Luosto snowmobiling tracks are connected to further distances all the way to the Arctic Sea. Areas programme service companies offers many different kind of snowmobile safaris for the beginners as well as driver’s looking for exciting challenges.

From - service you can take a look of Pyhä-Luosto area snowmobile routes.


Who can ride and where:

A snowmobile can be driven by a person who is 15 years old or older. The driver must have at least a T license (or a valid driver's licence) as he/she is riding along official snowmobile routes or riding on a road / crossing a road. Drunk driving regulations apply to snowmobile riders also in terrain.

Riding a snowmobile across terrain always requires permission from the land-owner. No special permission is required if one rides on official snowmobile routes and on ice-covered bodies of water.


One observes right-sided traffic on routes. The biggest permitted terrain speed on land is 60 km/h and 80 km/h on iced-over water areas. If there is a sleigh linked to the snowmobile - for the purpose of carrying people - the maximum speed is 40 km/h.

In addition to driving skill, the snowmobile rider’s most important safety device is protective helmet. It has been deemed mandatory for both the driver and the passenger. Helmet use is mandatory also for a passenger who travels in an open sleigh.

Snowmobile Safaris

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Lucky Ranch - Private snowmobile safaris and Northern Lights safaris for small groups, families and couples. 

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Kurulas resort

The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

We have free Aurora Alert! system in Pyhä

Arctic Animals

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