Pyhä Ski Resort

Benefits with season pass

In addition to the skiing days, your season ticket is the key to many valuable benefits in the ski resort.


Purchasing a season pass is worth it because it offers more than 200 skiing days for a value of just about ten daily tickets. You can buy either a RukaPyhä combination season ticket or a season ticket only for the Pyhä ski resort. You can pay purchases online with the most common online banks or a credit card. As part of our responsibility program, we offer a free combination season pass to 10-year-olds in the surrounding area and season tickets at discount prices to residents.

Your benefits with a season pass at Pyhä

In addition to the services of the Pyhä ski resort, your season pass is the key to many valuable benefits and discounts at Pyhä. The benefits are only available with personal season passes and do not apply to company cards. Benefits are updated during the skiing season. We reserve the right to make changes.

Benefits and discounts for the season 2023–2024 will be published later.

With the RukaPyhä combination card, you also get Ruka's local season pass benefits. Check out Ruka's season pass benefits.


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Enjoy days in Pyhä throughout the winter.