Arctic survival skills

Welcome to learn winter survival skills in Pyhä

Welcome to learn winter survival skills in the magnificent Pyhä-Luosto National Park! Explore our unique course offerings and prepare for snowy adventures in the wilderness. Learn to harmonize with nature and enjoy the opportunities winter presents under the guidance of our skilled instructors. Take the first step towards mastering the winter wilderness and join the adventure at Pyhä-Luosto!

Bliss Adventure organizes various winter survival guided tours in Pyhä during the winter season. Bliss's survival instructor goes through the necessary equipment, such as clothing, winter sleeping bags and sleeping pads, and provides additional information about different materials and their suitability for challenging conditions. 

Pyhä's Snow Safety Center "Lumiturvallisuuskeskus" organizes avalanche safety courses during the winter season according to the FINLAV – Finnish Avalanche Education System, for all interested freeriders and those who need avalanche safety skills in their work.

Outdoor Artisans organizes winter adventures in Lake Pyhäjärvi where you can safely practice ice rescue in a drysuit under the guidance of an instructor. After the adventure, a warm sauna awaits you by the lake. During the adventure, you will experience and learn how to survive falling through ice and what to do in such a situation.

Explore winter adventures below: