Pampering and Wellbeing

Pyhän Hairdresser
Sauna experiences

Sauna experiences for private use in the area are offered with various additional services by Kurulas Resort, Pyhä Igloos, Experience Pyhä, Lucky Ranch, Mokkatupa Social Dining and Kairosmaja.

Smoke sauna

The opportunity for the relaxed steam of the smoke sauna in Pyhä-Luosto is arranged in the summertime at Kairosmaja, as well as all year round at Karu Lodge and Experience Pyhä. The most beautiful cottage in Finland 2022 winner Pessinpiilo can be found through Backcoutry Lapland. The cottage also has a smoke sauna and a traditional sauna.

Beautician and Massage services

Holiday in Lapland is a well balanced entity: after a day full of activities and excitement it is time to relax and enjoy a nice massage or aroma therapy treatment. Experience different wellness services in Pyhä-Luosto. You will feel the effect on both your mind and body.

Gym at Hotel Pyhätunturi

Hotel Pyhätunturi’s gym is well-equipped with equipment and exercise bikes. There's also a comfortable space to stretch out and admire the scenery from the large windows.

Sauna and ice swimming in Pyhä-Luosto

Sauna & ice swimming in Pyhä-Luosto is available in Kurula´s resort, Kairosmaja, Karu Lodge and in Lucky Ranch. The sauna in Kairosmaja has public opening hours daily during 15.00-17.30 o’ clock and on Wednesdays 15.00-19.00 o clock. In the sauna are different sections with changing rooms and saunas for women and men.

Pyhä public beach

In Pyhä the public beach is located few kilometers from Pyhä centre towards Pyhäjärvi village. Beach has changing booths. Parking by side the road.

Luosto public beach

In Luosto the public beach, Aarnilampi, is located about 2 kilometer from Luosto centre towards Pyhä. Beach has changing booths.