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Feel the Peak – Scenic lift for pedestrians

Your journey to Pyhä is not complete if you haven't seen the landscape from the top of the fell, right from the edge of the Pyhä-Luosto national park.

The 6-seated covered chair lift PyhäExpress takes bot the skiers and pedestrians quickly up to the fell and to the starting point of the experience Feel the Peak. Hop on the scenic lift to the top, breathe in the sweeping view of the fells, and let your mind wander far into the wilderness of Lapland.

If you want, you can take the lift to the top and, after admiring the scenery, take the lift back down, or follow the pedestrian trail from up to the bottom. Along the way, you will admire the crown snow load on trees, meet reindeer and wonder the Tajukangas climbing wall. The pedestrian trail is about three kilometers long and marked clearly with signs.

At the top, you can take a break and taste waffles at Restaurant Tsokka, or you can enjoy your own snacks in the warmth of the scenic landscape hut.

You can ride the scenic lift according to the opening hours of PyhäExpress. You can buy a pedestrian lift ticket from a ticket machine or the ticket office.

Lift tickets and price list

PyhäExpress chair lift

The PyhäExpress chair lift can be used both by persons with skis or snowboards and pedestrians. The lift is suitable for six persons. It slows down at both stations at the bottom and top, making it easy to get into the lift. A transparent shelter protects you from wind and snow during the trip, which takes about 4 minutes. The staff will advise and help you using the lift.

Huttu-Ukko art route

The Feel the Peak experience also includes the Huttu-Ukko art route completed in autumn 2019. You will find the art route near the PyhäExpress lift and Restaurant Tsokka. Huttu-Ukko Art Route has been created in co-operation with a local artist Tapio Uusitalo and Pyhä Ski Resort. The majority of the art works are based on the local history, lifestyle, myths and beliefs.

Different seasons have been taken into account in the implementation of the art route. When winter comes, the snow covers the art works in a white glow until the spring sun melts the snow and reveals the art to its viewers again.

Huttu-Ukon taidereitti Pyhä
360 landscape platform

The landscape platform at the top of Pyhä offers open views of the surrounding nature and the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. On the platform railing, you will also find a panoramic photo in which the most notable landmarks visible from the top are marked.

Reindeer enclosure of the Huttu adventure trail

If you wish, you can continue the journey by foot after admiring the top of Pyhä. The first thing you come across when walking down are the reindeer in the Huttu Adventure trail. You can find Huttu Adventure on the west side of North slopes, along slope number 8.


In ​​the Pyhä-Luosto national park and the Pyhä ski resort making a fire is possible only in designated fireplaces. You can find maintained fireplaces, e.g. from the scenic hut, Huttu Adventure slope, Tajukangas, Family slopes, and Pyhä-Luosto National Park's fireplaces.

Crown snow load on trees

The crown snow starts to form as soon as the first frosts come, and warm and humid air pass from the valley towards the top of the fell. Photographers are enchanted again and again by these snow monsters and their fairy-tale shapes.

And best of all, this art exhibition is renewed almost every day!

Tunturivartija landscape hut

You will find the Tunturivartija landscape hut at the top of Pyhä, a few hundred meters from the top station of PyhäExpress. The large windows of this atmospheric hut offer views over the Pyhä-Luosto National Park and towards the fells stretching to Luosto. Breathe for a while in the warmth of the hut. If you wish, cook a long meal on the fireplace, and enjoy your meal sheltered from the wind and snow.

Maisemanvartijan tupa

Tajukangas is Pyhä's activity center, where you can find a fireplace, toilets, an outdoor restaurant (on request and for special events) and an ice climbing wall.

For photographers, the surroundings of Tajukangas offer, for example, numerous slate rock formations.

Persons with disablities

Pyhä's Feel the Peak experience is partly also suitable for people with reduced mobility. You will find parking spaces for persons with disabilities between the Rental shop Alavuokraamo and the restaurant Pyhän Uula. There is only a short transition to the PyhäExpress chairlift, where you can enter with a lightweight wheelchair.

Please note that snowy conditions in winter can make moving around challenging. Toilets for disabled can be found in th rental shop Alavuokraamo, Restaurant Pyhän Uula and the nature center Naava.


Scenic lift during winter

17.11.2023 - 1.5.2024
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Scenic lift during summer 2024

18.6.2024 - 22.9.2024