Summer and Autumn

Welcome to Pyhä

Pyhä-Luosto has a lot to see and do from June to October. You can experience experiences surrounded by rugged but beautiful fell nature. In Pyhä, you can hike on the marked Pyhä-Luosto National Park routes, enjoy the offerings of hotels, restaurants and events.  Try different activities in the summer while vacationing in the fells.

Summer and Autumn services in Pyhä


Place Open Opening hours
Rakkapuoti Open daily at 11-16
Ilona pienoistavaratalo Open Tue-Sat at 11-16
Luontokeskus Naava Shop Open Tue-Sun at 10-17
Pyhästore Opens on 15th of June.
Pikkukieppi child care Open daily. Make a reservation in advance.
Kultakeho hieronta & kosmetologi Open daily. Make a reservation in advance.
Pyhän hiuspiste Opens on 31th May. Make a reservation in advance
R-Kioski Hotel Pyhätunturi Open daily at 9-20


Restaurant Open Opening hours
Café Loimu Open daily. From 10-17, lunch served from 11-16
Sportbar Pyhä Open daily from 17-00
Calle-talo Open Tue-Sat from13-20
Huttuhippu Daily at 13-22
Mokkatupa Social Dining Open Mon-Sat. at 10-15
Pyhän Camp kitchen & bar Open daily 15.6.-29.6. at 8-10 (only breakfast) 30.6.-6.8. at 16-21 7.8.-3.9. at 16-21
Neidon Sydän Open Tue-Sat from 11-18
Ravintola Pyhän Uula Open daily at 16-21.

Rental Equipment

Rental Shop Equipments Contact Tips
Pyhähippu Mountain bikes, fatbikes, e-fatbikes and frisbee golf. Tel. +358 16 882 820 Ask Pyhä-Luosto biking trails.
Kultakero Rental Shop / PyhäStore Outdoor shop and rental for mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes, e-fatbikes and child carrier backpacks Tel. +358 50 323 2821 Ask more information Pyhä Frisbee golf.
Kairankutsu (Call of wilderness) Canoes, kayaks, rowing boat, Cultural history, huskies and other. Tel +358 400 703 324 Book canoe trips and Local cultural history sight seeing day.
Bliss adventure Fatbikes, e-fatbikes Tel. +358 40 530 2206 Book amazing fatbike trip to Lampivaara Amethystmine.
Outdoor Artisans SUP-boards, kayaks and wilderness skills. Tel. +358 50 495 6414, +358 45 126 9390 Check out a wide range of options, from daytime adventure to longer hikes.
Lucky Ranch Sauna and saloon, horseback riding and paintball. Tel. +358 40 754 0683 Horseback riding to the peak of Pyhä under the midnight sun.
Pyhä Igloos e-fatbikes Tel. +358 40 0448160
Pyhäinfo Mountain bikes, fatbikes, e-fatbikes and outdoor equpments Tel. +358 40 0701700 Ask best activities and places to see.

Arctic Animals

Farms Open Opening hours
Arctic Husky Farm Open Mon-Fri at 12-13
Outinen riding centre Daily at 10-16. Make a reservation in advance.
Lucky Ranch Daily Make a reservation in advance.
Pyhä Husky Farm Open Tue and Thu At 12-13. Make a reservation in advance.


Open Opening hours
Gym & Saunas in Hotel Pyhätunturi Open daily to 8 th of October. at 8-20

Places to visit 

Maisemahissi kesällä

Scenic lift during summer

Open 16.6.-23.9. Tue-Sat at 10.30-17.00
Huttu-Ukon Taidereitti

Huttu-Ukko Art trail

The art trail can be reached daily by hiking to the top of Pyhä or by scenic lift while it is open.

Pyhäkuru Adventure Park

1.7. - 10.8. Open Tue-Sat from 10–18 (Last start at 16:00)
11.8. - 30.9. Open Tue, Fri, Sat from 10–18 (Last start at 16:00)

Nature Center Naava

19.6. - 29.10. Mon - Sun at 10 - 17.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park

In Pyhä-Luosto National Park you will find easy day trips and longer hiking trails

Rental Equipment

How about SUP boarding in Pyhäjärvi, a canoeing trip in Pyhäjoki or mountain biking through Pyhä-Luosto National Park? In Pyhä's rental equipment you will find everything you need for an active holiday.

Chappel of the Northern Lights

Opens 5th June daily at 7-22.

Lampivaara Amethyst mine

19.6.-14.8. daily at 11-17
15.8.-30.9. daily at 11-16
1.10.-31.10. Tue-Sat 11-15
Maps and brohures
Travel to Pyhä


Pyhä huskyfarm

Siberian huskyfarm visit and dog programs

1.1.2023 - 30.4.2026
Kanottimelontaa Pyhäjärvellä ja Pyhäjoella

Tour of Pyha with biking, canoeing and hiking

15.3.2023 - 8.10.2023
Lucky_Ranch mid night sun ride

Horse Riding tours

15.3.2023 - 6.10.2023
Outisen ratsastuskeskus_kesa

Horseback riding

16.3.2023 - 30.4.2024
Kairankutsu Canoe

Paddling at Pyhä-Luosto. Canoe and Kayak trips or rental.

1.5.2023 - 8.10.2023

Lake sauna experience and Jacuzzi

1.5.2023 - 30.4.2024

Authentic traditional Finnish sauna experience by the lake

3.5.2023 - 3.5.2024
Culture Pyhä-Luosto Kairankutsu

Pyhä-Luosto and Eastern Lapland Culture tours

15.5.2023 - 31.5.2024
kairankutsu opastetut vaellukset

Guided hikes at Pyhä-Luosto area

30.5.2023 - 30.4.2024

Lappish Sauna experience

1.6.2023 - 1.5.2024

Bike rental

1.6.2023 - 30.4.2024
Hotelli Pyhätunturin kuntosali

Hotel Pyhätunturi's gym

15.6.2023 - 8.10.2023

Book a Finnish sauna and outdoor jacuzzi

30.6.2023 - 1.5.2024