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Winter biking

Discover Pyhä-Luosto's Winter Cycling Magic Today

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Pyhä-Luosto winter cycling routes! If you're an avid cyclist seeking thrilling winter adventures, you've come to the right place. Pyhä-Luosto, located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, offers a winter wonderland for cyclists, with pristine snow-covered landscapes and well-maintained trails.


In Pyhä-Luosto, there are a total of approximately 52 km of maintained winter cycling routes, with 40 km in Pyhä and 12 km in Luosto. In Pyhä, the routes traverse the surroundings of Tunturiaapa, passing through Isokuru Hut, Tiaslaavu, and Porolaavu. In Luosto, the routes form circular loops around Orrsesokka, utilizing pedestrian pathways, encircling Lampivaara and Ahvenlampi, and branching off as a side route to Tikkalaavu. Additionally, for winter hikers, there are marked snowshoeing trails available, although they are not separately maintained.

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking challenging terrains or a leisure cyclist appreciating a scenic ride, Pyhä has it all. Explore diverse routes, from easy family-friendly paths to more advanced trails that wind through the breathtaking Pyhä-Luosto National park.

What should you know before winter cycling?

To make the most of your Pyhä-Luosto winter cycling experience, plan ahead. Check the trail conditions, weather forecasts, and make reservations for equipment or guided tours. This ensures a seamless and enjoyable adventure in this Arctic paradise.

Cycling: Winter cycling is the practice of cycling in winter conditions, particularly on snowy and icy roads and trails. Special electric-assist fat bikes (e-fatbikes) are commonly used for winter cycling. These winter bikes feature wider tires, providing better traction on snow and ice, and the electric assist makes navigating challenging terrain easier.

Note: Routes in open areas may become difficult to traverse in windy conditions.

Clothing: It is advisable to wear warm clothing, good gloves, high boots, and windproof clothing for winter cycling to stay warm in cold conditions.


Winter cycling route maintenance season begins on December 1.

Winter cycling routes in Pyhä-Luosto:

Routes are marked with blue pole signs or blue winter cycling symbols. Cycling is not allowed on ski trails. The routes are groomed once a week by snowmobile, with the exception of the Pyhä Wilderness Route, which is mostly maintained with a trail groomer. On marked winter cycling routes, you can move by winter cycling, walking, and snowshoeing. Pets are welcome but must be leashed. Please consider other route users.

Starting from week 8, the Pyhä Wilderness Route operates as a shared route with skiers. The route runs in the middle of the ski trail, and movement is allowed only by skiing and winter cycling. The total length of the circular route is over 30 km, so be well-equipped. The direction of travel on the route is clockwise.

Check when the winter cycling routes were last groomed:

Note the color codes! Time since grooming:

Green = less than 2 days
Orange = less than 5 days
Yellow = less than 14 days
Gray = over 14 days

Where to find trails starting points?

Trails to Pyhä-Luosto National Park towards Tunturiaapa from of road "Kerontie", following the Cross-Counrty skiing trails below 100m, after which the route diverges into its own trail to the national park. Pealse remember that It is not allowed to winter biking on the skiing tracks if there is not a witer biking signs!

The trail to Soutaja fell starts from the top of the hill along Soutajantie just after the junction of "Uutuntie" and "Siulanvierustie" to the left, following the ski track. (Marked with blue winter biking signs on the route) Pealse remember that It is not allowed to winter biking on the skiing tracks if there is not a witer biking signs!


Guided tours and rental services:

Pyhä-Luosto offers a range of rental services, ensuring you have access to high-quality winter cycling equipment. Expert guides and instructors are also available for those looking to enhance their skills or discover hidden gems within the region.

Guided tours and rental services:
Bliss Adventure & Rental
Pyhähippu Oy
Kultakero vuokraamo
Pyhä Igloos
Lapland Safaris Luosto 


In Pyhä, winter cycling routes start from the Visitors Center Naava and Pyhä Center towards the Tunturiaapa in Pyhä-Luosto National Park or Soutaja fell that is located slightly towards Luosto.

Download Pyhä-Luosto winter trail map here

The Tunturiaapa winter cycling route is an 8.5 km circular route within Pyhä-Luosto National Park. 

The estimated travel time is about 2 hours, and it is classified as easy, but depending on weather conditions, it can also be moderately demanding. Depending on route choices, the distance varies between 6.5-10.5 km.

The route offers a diverse experience of the Pyhä-Luosto national park's nature, including old forests, aapa mires, and stunning fell landscapes. The starting point is at Nature Center Naava, Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi.

Rest stops are Tiaislaavu lean to shelter and Porolaavu lean to shelter, equipped with a dry toilet. It's advisable to bring your own toilet paper. Highlights include panoramic views of the mire and a reindeer separation site.

The route is marked with blue pole signs, winter cycling signs, and brown metal signs. Both directions are recommended for travel.

The route starts from Visitors Center Naava, initially following the pedestrian pathway towards Kemijärvi. From there, it diverges onto the Pyhä-Luosto National Park trails (brown signs). The national park route deviates from the ski trail through old forests towards Tunturiaapa, providing breathtaking views of the fells. Rest stops such as Tiaislaavu and Porolaavu offer opportunities to take a break. The section through the aapa mire can be challenging in windy conditions, as the route may become drifted. The route returns to the starting point along the pedestrian pathway beside Pyhätunturintie. The route can be traversed in different directions, and various variations can be made, such as visiting Isokuru Hut or heading directly from Tiaislaavu to Porolaavu.

Note that the route is also part of a winter hiking trail, and you may encounter other users, walking and snowshoeing. Cycling is not allowed on the ski trail.


Pyhä wilderness trail 33km

  • Open fron week 8. Please note that the trail is common with skiers. The trail goes in the middle of a cross-country ski track, and is allowed only for skiers and winter biking.
  • 31-33 km, circle trail
  • duration 4-6 h
  • Intermediate / difficult (length, winter weather conditions)
  • Length depending on route choices approx. 31-33 km.
  • Recommended direction: clockwise
  • The trail is marked with blue signposts (in the beginning) and the resto of the trail with blue winter biker symbols.

Pyhä wilderness trail starts from Visitor Centre Naava, the trail runs first along the light traffic route for 600 meters towards Kemijärvi. At the Kerontie crossroad, drive over Kerontie and continue on the right side of the cross-country ski track, following blue signposts. The winter biking trail diverges from the next junction to the right, just after the national park boundary, passing through old woods deeper into the national park.

Depending on the route choices, the first rest area is either Isokuru kota-hut or Tiaislaavu lean-to-shelter on the edge of the mire. From Tiaslaavu you can continue past the Tunturiaapa bird watching tower through the aapa mire, or choose a shorter and more forested route towards Porolaavu lean-to-shelter. Until now, the route has passed as a so-called multi-use trail, where on the same route you are allowed to snowshoe, walk and cycle.

After Porolaavu lean-to-shelter, the winter biking trail goes in the middle of a cross-country ski track, and is allowed only for skiers and winter biking for the next 17 km. Bikers should therefore mind the skiers that use the same route.

The next rest areas after Porolaavu are the Haarainselkä and Salmiaapa day trip huts, to which the route follows along the border of the national park, mostly in fairly flat terrain. Between Tiaslaavu and Salmiaapa there are forests of different ages and here and there, in the mire sections, you can see beautiful landscapes towards the fell range. After Salmiaapa, the route dives into the forest, slowly climbing towards Huttujärvi lake.

After Huttujärvi lake, there will be a crossroad, from where you can get to Huttujärvi rental hut as a one-way trail. Note that the trail continuing from the rental hut towards Luosto is only for skiers. From the intersection of the Huttujärvi rental hut, the trail continues to ascend and after about 500 m a path diverges to the right towards the Huttuloma open wilderness hut. The path to this hut is not maintained, so it is only formed by visitors. From Huttuloma, the trail continues downhill towards Kiimaselkä, but diverges left from the cross-country ski track just after Huttujärventie parking area (not plowed in winter). The Pyhä wilderness route follows 2 km along the Huttujärventie road, which is not plowed in winter, but it is maintained for winter biking (maintenance less often than the cross-country ski track, which means that in heavy snowfall this section of the trail can become difficult to ride).

Huttujärventie road ends to Pyhä-Luosto road (road number 962), and the Pyhä Wilderness Trail continues to the right, following the road for about 5 km towards Pyhä. At the intersection of Lake Pyhäjärvi, the route switches to the light traffic route, continuing along for about 4 km back to Visitor Centre Naava.

More specific information about the route, like sights, resting places etc. from nationalparks.fi.

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