Canoeing and kayaking

An unforgettable canoeing adventure in Pyhä-Luosto

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is one of Finland's most magnificent nature destinations, offering magnificent wilderness nature and diverse outdoor activities. The area's vast fell landscapes and lush forests attract tourists who enjoy nature and adventure all year round.

In contrast to the rugged fell surroundings can be found in the magnificent clean waters of Pyhä-Luosto. Before the canoeing adventure, it was important to be properly equipped. Tour operators provide equipment such as paddle vests, safe canoes and guided tours. The Pyhä canoeing routes are well suited for beginners.

Guided tours and equipments:


Canoeing tours

15.3.2023 - 8.10.2023
Kanottimelontaa Pyhäjärvellä ja Pyhäjoella

Tour of Pyha with biking, canoeing and hiking

15.3.2023 - 8.10.2023
Kairankutsu Canoe

Paddling at Pyhä-Luosto. Canoe and Kayak trips or rental.

1.5.2023 - 8.10.2023

River Pyhäjoki map from Outdooractive: