Kid skiing at Pyhä ski resort

Season passes for 10-year-olds

This coming winter, all 10-year-olds in Finland can hit the slopes for free! 

This coming winter, all 10-year-olds in Finland can hit the slopes for free! Every child born in 2014 will receive complimentary lift passes for the entire winter, allowing them to ski at both Ruka and Pyhä throughout the 2024-2025 ski season.


Since 2019, 10-year-olds from our nearby areas have been skiing for free as part of Pyhä's and Ruka's commitment to responsibility. This includes free Ruka-Pyhä season passes for 10-year-olds from Pelkosenniemi, Sodankylä, and Kemijärvi. In honor of Pyhä's 60th anniversary, we have decided to extend this benefit to all 10-year-old Finland's citizens next winter.

As part of Pyhä's sustainability efforts, we support and inspire young people to engage in snow sports and explore the beautiful nature of Pyhätunturi. The mission of Pyhä's sustainability program is to preserve the unique mountain spirit that Pyhä is known for.

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How to redeem the RukaPyhä season pass:

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See you on the slopes!