Pyhä Ski Resort

Season passes for 10-year-olds

Ruka and Pyhä offer a free combination season pass for 10-year-olds for the winter of 2023–2024.

We offer a free RukaPyhä season pass for the winter season 2023–2024 to all children born in 2013 whose domicile is Kuusamo, Pelkosenniemi, Sodankylä, Kemijärvi or Savukoski. This way we want to encourage young people to do snow sports and activate them to get the advantage of the services of the local ski resort.

This gesture is part of Ruka and Pyhä's extended responsibility program, which we started in the season 2019–2020. In the coming years, the tradition will continue so that those born in 2014 will receive season passes for the season 2024-2025 and so on.

How to redeem the RukaPyhä season pass:

  • Season passes for 10-year-olds can be redeemed at the ticket office of Rental Shop Alavuokraamo in Pyhä and the ticket office of PisteRental Shop in Ruka.
  • Redemption of the season pass is possible throughout the ski season within the opening hours of the ticket office. Pyhä's season opening goal is on Friday, November 17th 2023.
  • The child must pick up the season pass with his parent/guardian. The child must be present when picking up the season ticket so that the child can be photographed for the season pass.
  • When picking up the pass, the child's identity (e.g. Kela card or passport) and place of residence will be verified by the ticket sales staff.
  • The season pass is uploaded to KeyCard. The charge for KeyCard is € 7 if the person redeeming the card does not already have one.
  • The child's home address is saved in our customer register when picking up the season pass.
  • We also collect the child's social security number when picking up the season pass for tax purposes.

For children of other ages and adults whose domicile is Kuusamo, Pelkosenniemi, Sodankylä, Kemijärvi, or Savukoski, season passes Ruka and Pyhä are sold at lower price.

Welcome to the slopes to enjoy the magic of Pyhä! If skiing and snowboarding are completely new hobbies for you, Pyhä ski school's courses are a great way to get started.

See you on the slopes!