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Adaptive Alpine skiing and Bi-Ski

Pyhä ski school also offers skiing instruction and services in adaptive alpine skiing.

Adaptive Alpine skiing and Bi-Ski

Starting from the 2020–2021 season, Pyhä ski school has been able to offer even more versatile applied alpine skiing instruction and services.

Jalostaja Para Team and JCDecaux sponsor Pyhä ski school with a bi-ski seat sled intended for para skiing, which allows you to enjoy skiing independently, with the help of a ski instructor or another instructor.

Soveltava alppihiihto ja bi-ski

- Pyhä ski resort has long traditions in skiing, and having a bi-ski sled in the teaching equipment gives opportunities for skiers whom skiing at Pyhä has not been possible so far. 
Independent downhill skiing or so-called experience skiing, i.e. on a sled with the help of a ski instructor, offers a great experience with a new sport on the best slopes in Finland, says Tommi Laitervo, president of the Pyhä ski school and teacher of applied alpine skiing.

Jalostaja has supported young and upcoming para-athletes via Jalostaja Para Team since 2018. However, the goal is to promote Finnish para-athletes and offer them a better everyday life more extensively.

- For our family business, responsibility and everyday support are the basis of everything. Via Jalostaja Para Team, we want to bring awareness to the every day life of para-athletes and stimulate discussion about the status of para-sports in Finland. It's fantastic to cooperate with the Pyhä ski school to offer new opportunities and the joy of movement for para-skiers and everyday heroes, says Jaakko Lundén from Jalostaja.

The Pyhä ski school has four instructors trained to teach and guide applied alpine skiing. Applied alpine skiing means, in addition to athletes with mobility disabilities, also skiing and snowboarding for the visually impaired.

- Pyhä has extraordinary opportunities to practice applied alpine skiing because you can drive by car just next to the rental shops, various lifts, and the ski school. It is worth inquiring about bi-ski lessons and other applied alpine skiing instruction as early as possible. This way, we can plan a suitable program together, states Laitervo, the chairman of the Pyhä ski school.

Contact: 44 264 8825.

Adaptive skiing lessons are with the same prices as private lessons. For Bi-Ski lessons the price includes the rent of the sled.

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Bi-Ski rental 15€ 40€