Try Ice Climbing – Private (2,5h) Mon-Sat at 14:00

Would you appreciate an exclusive ice climbing experience in terms of privacy? In Pyhä, you may choose also Try Ice Climbing Private. Your group will have the ice wall and it’s various climbing lines fully to themselves only!
9.12.2023 - 6.4.2024
Meeting Point: CAMP Kitchen & Bar Pyhä

Kultakeronkatu 21
98530 Pyhätunturi

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Try Ice Climbing – Private

Bliss Adventure's guided groups are always small, mostly from 2 to 8 guests, often bringing together like-minded guests from all around the world. Should you wish to experience more intimate adventure, you may choose the private option. In this case the guided ice climbing activity will be exclusive for your group only, no kind strangers joining in.

How does it work and how does the private ice climbing activity differ from the standard one? In the both cases the meeting point and preparations for the climb at Hotel Pyhätunturi will be identical. Same goes for the gear and equipment, guiding, duration, too. The significant difference folds open once reaching the ice wall.

The private group will have the ice wall and it's various climbing lines fully to themselves only. There will be no other climbers present during the climb on the wall.

A private group certainly may invite their non-climbing members to the ice wall to watch and perhaps to capture the unique activity! And to bring some snacks to be enjoyed by the bonfire always works, making the shared special moment even more rememberable.

Please note that the bonfire venue at the foot of the ice wall is a public venue (though never busy) and basically welcomes anyone passing by for a short break to enjoy the warm glow.


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