Horseback riding

Experience the different seasons on horseback on a Finnhorse. A short horseback riding trip is also suitable for beginners. The year-round excursion will take you deeper into the world of Finnhorses.
You can also take care of your horse, as well as meet other animals on the farm.
Duration 1hour Price 75 €/person
Duration 1,5hour Price 100€/person
Duration 2hour Price 130€/person

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16.3.2023 - 30.4.2025 10:00 - 16:00
Outisen ratsastuskeskus

Sodankyläntie 1007
98100 Kemijärvi

Guided trips and activities Horse riding

Outisen ratsastuskeskus (Outinen riding centre)

At Outinen we do horseback riding, riding camps, horseback riding hikes and reideer activities all year round.

Outinen Equestrian Centre is located 12 km from Kemijärvi in the direction of Pelkosenniemi. The drive from Pyhätunturi is about 35 km and half hour drive towards Kemijärvi. 

At the Outinen riding centre, you can get acquainted with the farm's self-bred and trained Finnhorses and sled reindeer. The farm is also home to numerous other farm animals.  

In addition to riding, we also go to events around the county in Outinen, because Outinen has a dozen horses that can be safely put on events and all kinds of work rides. This is probably the largest workhorse stable in Finland.

At Outinen, we also teach workhorse harness, driving and ground handling and take problem horses for training to give them a second chance. Training in horse handling has been accumulated, for example, from 10 years of work experience in professional horse training and training in the horse and work side.

Stable life and taking care of the well-being of horses is part of our daily routine