Siberian huskyfarm visit and dog programs

Welcome to the local Siberian husky farm.

Pyhä husky farm is Small Privately Owned Farm.
Huskies originate in the polar areas and are well accustomed to the cold weather. They are working dogs used primarily as sled dogs. Hence, they love running!

Pyhä Husky Farm is a small privately own farm in the heart of a forest. Visit the farm for a safari or a day with the dogs, and learn interesting facts about their life at the farm. There is a possibility for a 30 minutes or one hour sledge ride in small groups, or maybe you wish to have a lunch and help out at the farm!

Check also our special Husky event on February - 15.2, 22.2 and 29.2.

1.1.2023 - 30.4.2026
Pyhä huskyfarm

Molkankummuntie 225
98100 Kemijärvi

Children & Youth Guided trips and activities huskies and dog sledding
Pyhä huskyfarm