Authentic traditional Finnish sauna experience by the lake

Experience a Finnish-style, unique, and relaxing evening at Lucky Ranch Saloon! A traditional wood-heated Finnish sauna and tasty dinner make you well-rested. This unique experience takes place at Lucky Ranch Saloon by the lake Pyhäjärvi.

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3.5.2023 - 3.5.2025
Lucky Ranch

Pyhäntie 1210
98530 Pyhätunturi


Welcome to Lucky Ranch sauna

In the beginning, we will tell you about the Finnish sauna culture and how to prepare the bathing water (there is no shower in the Finnish style authentic sauna). Afterward, you are ready to enjoy soft heat in the sauna, which is a very relaxing experience. 

In wintertime, it is possible to have a dip in the frozen lake, and in the summertime, you can swim in the lake. When you return to the hot sauna, you will Immediately feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. This way, the Finns enjoy the sauna, and we are glad providing this experience to you too! 

If you are lucky, you might see northern lights dancing in the sky (from the end of August to mid-April). With open landscape, Lucky ranch is an excellent place to spot the Northern lights as it is away from city lights.

There is space for 6-8 people in the sauna at the time. If there more people participating, we will take turns. 

You reach us by car, or when booking a tour with us, you can book pick up (return transfer) either from Pyhätunturi or Luosto. 

Please take a swim suit with you. 

Price: 30 € / person.

What's included?

  • a guide
  • sauna + swimming in the lake
  • slippers and towels
  • high-quality shampoo and body care product

lucky ranch saluuna