R-kioski Pyhätunturi

R-Kioski in Hotel Pyhätunturi

R-Kioski serves next to the reception of Hotel Pyhätunturi

R-kioski is a minimarket-type shopping place, where the share of daily goods is significantly larger than usual in R-kioskis, and the kiosk also has a small fruit and vegetable section. The goal is to have a selection from which Ski-Inn guests and other vacationers can find suitable breakfast needs, in addition to a small selection of products suitable for lunch and dinner. R-kioski has also a good selection of snacks.

Like other R-kioskis, the selection of Pyhätunturi's R-kioski includes, among other things, mild alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and, of course, coffee, cocoa and self-baked buns.

Veikkaus services or magazines are not included in the selection.