Wastesorting in Ski-Inn accommodation

We want to focus on recycling, because when sorted correctly, the waste turns from rubbish into a raw material or energy source.


In Pyhä Ski-Inn accommodation you can sort metal, glass, cardboard, paper, biowaste and mixed waste. At the moment, we are unable to offer plastic waste sorting because there is no collection service for it in the area. The plastic is sorted into mixed waste, with which it ends up for incineration and as part of energy production.

The sorting points are located in front of the Ski-Inn apartments, in the yard of the Pyhätunturi hotel and in the service building of the caravan park (Alavuokraamo). Thank you for recycling!

From rubbish to raw material - Here's how to sort:

MIXED WASTE: Sort to mixed waste container e.g. diapers, masks and other sanitary products, dirty paper, paperboard and cardboard, styrofoam, pet droppings. It is not yet possible to sort plastic in Pyhä, so plastic packaging, bags and wrappers are also sorted into combustible waste.
BIOWASTE: Biowaste Includes food scraps, spoiled food, fruit and vegetable peels, fish waste, coffee grounds and tea bags, paper towels and napkins.
CARDBOARD: What to sort in cardboard container: e.g. cardboard boxes, cardboard beverage cans, food packaging, toilet paper sleeves and pizza boxes. Sort empty, dry and flattened.
METAL: e.g. cans, non-refundaböe beverage cans, metal lids and caps and foil belongs to metal waste bin.
GLASS: Sort glass bottles and glass jars without lids.
PAPER: e.g. newspapers, brochures and copy papers belong to paper waste bin. Do not sort gift wrapping paper to paper waste but to mixed waste.

General waste sorting points in Pyhä:

Please note that the Ski-Inn sorting points are for guests only. There are also general waste sorting points in Pyhä area:

  • Shopping centre parking area (next to K-Market): glass, metal, paper, cardboard, mixed waste 

  • Sienimaa crossing: glass, metal, mixed waste 

  • Pyhäjärvi point (Messupyhäntien vieressä): paper, glass, maetal, mixed waste 

See further instructions on how to sort different package materials on Rinki's page (Finnish Packaging Recycling company).

From waste to energy

Mixed /combustible waste is collected at Pyhätunturi area, which is transported to the Laanila eco-power plant in Oulu, where the energy obtained from incineration is utilized in the production of electricity and district heating. Incineration reduces the load on landfills and at the same time recovers the energy contained in the waste. You can sort almost everything in the mixed waste, such as plastic packaging and dirty cardboard packaging.

Pyhä Ski Resort and Ski-Inn accommodation are carbon neutral in terms of energy use

Our goal is to be the cleanest ski resort in the world.

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