Pyhätunturin hiihtokeskus

Pyhä ski passes and price list

Ski passes can be bought online in advance to avoid queuing on site. You can buy a ticket either for your KeyCard, or buy a new KeyCard online, and collect your ski pass from the machine.

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Pyhä ski passes and prices 2022–2023

Pyhä's skiing season lasts until 1.5.2023. We reserve the right to price changes during the 2022–2023 season.

Multi-day ski passes must always be used on consecutive days, with the exception of 3/4* and 5/7 lift tickets**. All Pyhä day tickets are also valid at Ruka. Friday Night Skiing is included in a day ticket.

* 3 optional skiing days during 4 days. The overnight stay is included in the ticket if the ticket is valid on Friday.
** 5 optional skiing days in 7 days. The overnight stay is included in the ticket if the ticket is valid on Friday.

Ski passes

Validity Adults (over 18 years) Youth (12-17 years ) and seniors (over 65 years) Kids 6-11 years
Keycard 7 € 7 € 7 €
up 8.50 € 8.50 € 6 €
Return 12.50 € 12.50 € 8.50 €
3h 42 € 37.50 € 26.00 €
1 päivä 49.50 € 44.50 € 31.50 €
2 days 89.50 € 80.50 € 55.50 €
3 days 130 € 117 € 80.00 €
3/4 days 136.50 € 122.50 € 84.00 €
4 days 164 € 147.50 € 101.50 €
5 days 193 € 173.50 € 120.50 €
5/7 days 206 € 185.50 € 127.00 €
6 days 216 € 194.50 € 136.50 €
7 days 238 € 214 € 152.50 €
8.-21. days + 17 € / day + 15 € / fay + 11.5 € / day

Season Pass Pyhä 2022-2023

Season Pass Pyhä Early Bird price valid until 11.12.2022 Normal Price 2022-2023
Adult 18-64 years 440 € 488 €
Youth 12 - 17 years and seniors over 65 years 395 € 438 €
Kids 6-11 years 260 € 288 €
Season Pass RukaPyhä Early Bird price valid until 11.12.2022 Normal price 2022-2023
Adult 18-64 years 510 € 568 €
Youth 12 - 17 years and seniors over 65 years 460 € 508 €
Kids 6-11 years 310 € 348 €

All lift tickets are loaded onto a remotely readable KeyCard, which is not included in the price of the lift ticket. The price of the KeyCard is €7. The Key Card must be reloaded and is valid in all ski centers using SkiData.

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Night skiing and exceptions to opening hours

Friday Night Skiing

The popular Friday Night Skiing will be on the program for almost the entire season next winter!

Night skiing is on Fridays from 17:00 to 21:00 between 2 December 2022 and 7 April 2023.

For the duration of Night Skiing, the lift ticket costs €20. Night skiing is included on a day ticket.

Equipment rental for the evening is also available for €20. During Night skiing, the lifts PyhäExpress, Polar, Perhehissi, and North Express are open.

Extended opening hours on Wednesday

On Wednesdays between January 11, 2023, and April 12, 2023, PyhäExpress, Polar, Family lift and NorthExpress are open longer than normal, until 7 p.m.

Pedestrian tickets for the scenic gondola

A trip to Pyhä is not perfect if you haven't seen the landscape from the top of the fell, right at the edge of the national park. The PyhäExpress chairlift serves pedestrians as a scenic lift according to the lift's regular opening hours.

Pedestrian tickets are not for sale online. The most convenient way to buy a pedestrian ticket is with a ticket machine. You wil find the nearest machine in front of the lower Rental Shop, right next to the lower station of the lift. You can only pay with a bank card in the machine.

Rental companies and the reception of Hotel Pyhätunturi also  pedestrian tickets during their opening hours. 

Adults (over 18 years) Youth (12-17 years) and seniors (over 65 years) Kids -11 years
Pedestrian ticket 12.50 € 12.50 € 8.50 €

Company season passes & pre-order day tickets RukaPyhä

Company season pass

RukaPyhä business pass is a season pass valid for the entire ski season, the use of which is not tied to individuals. The pass is especially suitable for staff, partners or other communities of the company and can be used in both Ruka and Pyhä ski resorts. You can make a VAT deduction from the pass and in the final taxation the Net price is as an expense/deduction of the tax base.

The price of the business season card is €1212/per season pass (incl. VAT 10%). If you order more than four pieces, the price of the company card after the fourth is €996. Ordering more than four business cards or if you want to pay the passes by invoice (invoicing fee €20), you can order them from our sales office The resale of the business pass is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact:

Company season pass RukaPyhä 22-23 Price
First four passes 1212€/pcs
Next 996€/pcs

Pre-ordered day tickets

The price of a pre-ordered day ticket requires at least 30 tickets/order. The price period is defined according to the date of purchase. Tickets are valid for the 2022-2023 ski season. The ticket is activated on the first visit to the lift gate. All advance day tickets are loaded onto a single-use remote-readable keycard. Delivery time 3-4 business days. Companies and organizations have the option of post-invoicing with a valid invoicing agreement. Unused advance day tickets cannot be returned/exchanged after the validity period. Advance ticket orders from Pyhä or +358 10 382 5223.

RukaPyhä 22-23 Price
Day ticket 42€

Skipasses for local residents 2022–2023

Season passes for locals are on sale for residents of Kuusamo, Pelkosenniemi, Kemijärvi, and season residents of the Ruka and Pyhä caravan areas. Tickets are on sale at the customer service desk. In Pyhä the season passes for locals are sold by the Sub station Rental shop (Alavuokraamo).

All lift tickets are loaded onto a remotely readable KeyCard, which is not included in the price of the lift ticket. The price of the KeyCard is €7. The Key Card must be reloaded and is valid in all ski centers using SkiData.

We offer a free RukaPyhä season card for the winter season 2022–2023 to all children born in 2012 whose domicile is Kuusamo, Pelkosenniemi, Sodankylä, Kemijärvi or Savukoski.

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Pyhä, season pass for local residents Early Bird price valid until 11.12.2022 Normal price 2022–2023
Adults 18-64 years 396 € 439 €
Youth 12 - 17 years and seniors over 65 years 356 € 394 €
Kids 6-11 years 238 € 264 €
RukaPyhä Season Pass Early Bird price valid until 11.12.2022 Normal price 2022–2023
Adults 18-64 years 461 € 512 €
Youth 12 - 17 years and seniors over 65 years 414 € 457 €
Kids 6-11 years 279 € 313 €

Lift ticket sales points and payment methods

In addition to cash and credit and debit cards, your can pay your tickets at the service points using the most common sports/culture vouchers. Please note that all benefits are personal. In order to verify your identity, you can only use banknotes/cards to pay for purchases at the cash register (cash price for lift tickets), i.e. they cannot be used when buying online.

BUY online

Online payment methods

On the online store of Pyhä, we accept

  • Credit or Debit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay)
  • Online bank payments (via the Paytrail service)
  • MobilePay payments

The online store's payment methods are managed by Rentle Payments, and the payment methods are constantly expanding and developing.

For the time being, you cannot pay with sports benefits in our online store. Sport benefits can be used when paying at the rental shop. If you wish to purchase the tickets in advance with the sport benefits, please contact our sales office

Payment of lift tickets and equipment rental with sports and culture vouchers

At our ticket offices in Pyhä, you can pay for lift tickets and equipment rentals with the sports/culture vouchers mentioned below. All benefits are personal and on all the notes you must have your name written in clear handwriting.

  • Smartum (sport vouchers and Smartum Mobile payment)
  • Edenred Ticket Mind&Body
  • Virike voucher
  • Epassi
  • Tyky vouchers
  • Tyky Online

Please note that for the time being, vouchers/electronic benefits are not accepted as a means of payment in our online store, but it is possible to pre purchase your tickets using Epassi Marketplace.

Pyhä lift ticket types and season passes

Pyhä rinteet

Lift tickets

Nettikaupassamme voit ostaa lipun joko olemassaolevalle KeyCardille tai ostaa lipun lisäksi uuden KeyCardin. Jos ostat lipun omalle KeyCardille, lipun tiedot kysytään oston jälkeen. Mikäli ostat KeyCardin lipun yhteydessä, voit noutaa lipun kätevästi automaatista.
Pyhä Express

Season passes

Voit ostaa kausikortin joko Pyhälle tai sekä Rukalle että Pyhälle. Molempien tuntureiden kausikortilla pääset nauttimaan laskuista yli 200 päivän ajan. Kausikortin voit ostaa netistä, mutta se on aina noudettava lipunmyynnistä.
Pyhä Express jalankulkijana

Pedestrian ticket

Hop on the scenic lift to go to the top, breathe in the sweeping view of the fells, and let your mind wander far into the wilderness of Lapland. You can buy a pedestrian ticket for the lift from a ticket machine or at a ticket office.

Family tickets

When two adults buy 5-14 day lift tickets, you get a -25% discount for the similar tickets for youth and kids. You can conveniently buy family tickets in the online store. When purchasing tickets, please note that all tickets must have an existing KeyCard - or alternatively, you can buy it for all ski passes in the online store. For the timebeing, you cannot buy KeyCards for only some of the family tickets.

Pyhä Ski Resort
Pyhä & Epassi

Pyhä's new Epassi Marketplace is now open!

Benefits for season pass owners

In addition to the skiing days, your season pass is the key to many valuable benefits in the ski resort.

Pyhä Ski Resort
Pyhä's lift ticket gives you discounts in Pyhäkuru Adventure Park

With Pyhä's lift ticket, you get a discount on Pyhäkuru Adventure Park's tickets. With a Pyhä or RukaPyhä season pass, the discount is -20% and with day tickets -10% of the normal price. The discount is available during the park's normal opening hours and requires a valid lift ticket.

Season passes for 10 year olds

As part of Ruka and Pyhä's extended responsibility program, we offer a free RukaPyhä season ticket for the winter season 2022–2023 to all children born in 2012 whose domicile is Pelkosenniemi, Kemijärvi, Savukoski, or Sodankylä.

Pyhä Ski Resort
Lift tickets and equipment rental also with Finnair-plus points

Use your Finnair Plus points or a combination of points and money to redeem a reward voucher, which you can use for Ruka lift tickets or equipment rental when buying at the cashier (not in the online store). Award vouchers purchased from the Finnair Plus Shop are valid for six months from the date of purchase.

Pyhä Ski Resort